Core FAQs

Last Updated: March 4, 2021


Core is a construction labor marketplace that matches skilled workers with good jobs. We do our best to showcase your skills and experience to employers in your area. Once we find a job that we think will be a good match, we text you so you can decide whether you’re interested in that job or not. Apply instantly from your phone if that job is a good fit for you!

We take the information that you give us and create a really great profile which becomes a Smart Resume that you can share with employers. All of your certifications, project history, trainings and references will be in one place.

If you don’t complete your profile when you sign up on the website, either by filling it out or by submitting a resume, then someone from our onboarding team will give you a call to help you finish your profile. If you sign up in the Crews by Core app, you are given the opportunity to talk to our onboarding team right when you sign up!

You can log in on the website or in the Crews by Core app using your phone number. Your phone number will work in both the Crews by Core app or online, so you can log in wherever is most convenient!

When you enter your number, a verification code will be texted to you. A new code is generated automatically each time you log in with your number, so there is no need to remember a password.

If you have trouble logging in, remember that each code can only be used once (even if it didn’t work the first time) and that sometimes there can be a delay getting the code. If you get stuck, start over. Enter your number, then wait to get a new code!

We talked to dozens of HR leads in construction and crafted this to help you stand out.

Your Core Profile is a resume but smarter. You can select people to be your references - be sure to choose highly skilled people to vouch for your work.

There are 3 critical parts of a Core Profile:

Experiences: the most important part of every resume.

  • What did you do and for which company?
  • How big was the job? What was your role? How long did you stay?

Employers can tell a lot by how long you stayed at a job and what kind work you’ve done.


What are you great at? This is the core of our matching process. We need to know which specific tasks and skills are unique to you to make sure they match what the hirer is looking for.


Referrals are a big deal in construction and it's the same on your Core Profile. Make sure you don’t just get referrals but you give them. This builds good faith.

We are only as good as our network and companies want to see you’re vetted by people they trust.

Your references and your certifications are included in yourSmart Resume. Easily share yourQR code provided on your Smart Resume with anyone and everyone!

A referral is the contact information of someone you have worked with or worked for who will vouch for your skills and/or experience.

Employers will often request professional references in order to verify the information that you submit. We make this easy by allowing you to enter this information up front, then contacting your reference via text. That means your references aren’t being contacted multiple times for each job you apply to, and they don’t have to have a lengthy phone conversation!

A completed referral will show up on your profile, and any skills your reference said you excelled at will be included on your Smart Resume for future employers to see. This also helps in building trust.

After your profile (Smart Resume) is completed, we will start trying to match you with jobs in your area.

If you do not want to wait for us to do that, you can download our app, Crews by Core, to see what jobs, temporary positions, or apprenticeships are available near you. If you see one you're interested in, you can apply straight through the app!

If you did not submit a resume right when you signed up, please email your resume to or text it to us at +1-831-292-4077.

We will update your profile (Smart Resume) with the information you send to us, and then let you know once we’ve made those changes. Once your profile is completed, we will get to work trying to find you the right job!

We’d love to help with that! To get your profile (Smart Resume) set up, please call our onboarding team at +1-831-292-4077. Be ready to answer questions about your work history and to tell us about what you did at past jobs. We are here to help you get your profile completed so we can start matching you with jobs!

The more complete your profile (Smart Resume) is on, the better you look to potential employers and the easier it is for us to match you with more jobs!

Make sure to showcase your skills by listing any relevant work experience, hard skills (which specialty equipment are you familiar with?), your best qualities as an employee (have you led a team before? Are you always on time?), as well as any certifications or licenses (even expired ones!) that you might have.

Add a pitch and a picture and your profile will really stand out!

The Crews by Core app is our light version for quickly finding jobs near you. This is the *easiest* way to see jobs in your area. It also has an option to call our onboarding team to help you set up a profile (Smart Resume) - this is a GREAT option if you don't already have a resume created!

Once your Core ID is complete, we get to work to match you with jobs in your area!

If you have already completed your profile and still do not see any jobs listed, there are a few things you can do to increase the number of job matches that you see.

  1. Increase the distance you are willing to travel
  2. Add more "desired trades" to the types of jobs you are willing to work (up to 3 trades)
  3. Change your salary requirements - if you entered an annual amount for an hourly rate that might cause a job to be missed
  4. Add more of your skills

The bigger your list of skills, the more jobs you will be matched with.

Core will occasionally have training opportunities available. These are posted on the website or under the Jobs tab in the Crews by Core app.

To participate in these classes as they become available, make sure you already have a Core account and are signed in before you try to sign up!


Core helps workers create Smart Resumes to showcase their work history and skills, while helping companies find the right people for their jobs. Through our matching algorithms, we ensure that you are only presented with the best candidates for the jobs so you can focus your attention on the actual work.

Open the Jobs tab in the Crews by Core app and tap on ‘Hire Workers’ at the top right. Posting a job is free, and applicants are sent right to your phone!

You will be asked for some basic information about the job, like how long it will last and what skills are needed for the job.

Most jobs created on the app are for temporary projects, but if you are looking to hire for a long-term position or to hire for multiple positions, please contact us at to get your job posted!

Please visit People by Core to find out more about how to hire great workers with Core!

Whether you posted the job or we created it for you, once a worker applies for the position we send you a notification in the app. You can review that worker’s profile, including their work history and skills, because all of that information is sent to you automatically with the application.

You can message the applicant if you have additional questions about their work history and availability. If you think they will be a good fit, you can hire the worker directly through the app Crews by Core!